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Programs & Services


All of our programming uses a family-centered strength based approach. We work closely with other agencies and organization within our communities to offer services and resources to families accessing our services. We evaluate our programs extensively to ensure our programs and services are working and meeting the needs of families within our communities.

Outreach Programs

In all three counties there are families in rural communities who are unable to access our center-based programs. We try and fill that gap by providing "playgroups" in partnership with a church, community hall or school in those communities.

Outreach programs happen in the following communities:

  • Canso
  • Havre Boucher
  • Heatherton
  • Kenzieville
  • Little Dover
  • Marie Joseph
  • Monastery
  • Mulgrave
  • Pictou
  • Saltsprings
  • Sherbrooke
  • St. Josephs
  • Trenton
  • Thorburn

Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program

This program is designed to support pregnant women and their babies up to six months of age. Support includes:

  • Drop-in programs
  • Home visits
  • Nutritional Counseling/Support
  • Milk and Nutritional Supplements
  • Information Sessions
  • Breastfeeding Support

Baby Basics  (Pictou County) – A program for pregnant and new moms between the ages of 14-25 years with children up to 6 months of age.  Topics include labour & delivery, daily care of baby, attachment, baby cues, child development, stress, birth control options and basic cooking. 

Guysborough County Prenatal Nutrition Program – This program is designed to support all pregnant women and their babies up to six months of age in Guysborough County.  Supports include:  Home visits, nutritional counselling/support, food/milk supplements, lending library, breastfeeding supports.

Healthy Moms Healthy Babies (Antigonish County) – This is a Wednesday morning drop-in program held at our Kids First Resource Center in Antigonish.  This program is designed to support pregnant women & women with babies 0-6 months of age.  Supports include:  Breastfeeding Support, Nutritional Counselling/Support, Milk/Vitamin Supplements, Travel Reimbursement, Guest Speakers, Breast Pump Lending, and our Lending Library.  Child Care available for children up to 6 years during this program.

New Baby’s Club (Guysborough County) – This program is for pre/post natal families with babies up to 12 months.  Information is provided on suggested topics.  

Teen Parent & Pregnant Teen Support - A high school outreach program that follows the same model as the Baby Basics program.  Offered in partnership with Public Health Services.

Enhance Home Visiting

Enhanced Home Visiting (Antigonish and Guysborough) focuses on supporting parents, promoting a healthy parent-child relationship, fostering healthy childhood development and linking families with community resources that further enhance the opportunities for healthy growth and development of the child and the family.

Each visit covers a variety of topics including:  Basic care, Social & Emotional Development, Cues and Communication, Physical & Brain Development, Play and Stimulation and tips for Parents.

To become involved in the Enhanced Home Visiting Program, contact your Public Health Nurse.

Parenting Programs

Kids First offers a wide variety of adult focused programs that provide opportunity for parents to come together and learn from each other. Some of our parenting programs include:

Basic Shelf Cooking Program - Focuses on making nutritional meals on a limited budget, as well as learning nutritional information.

Comfort Teach & Play – A program to encourage a positive approach to parenting by responding to the developmental needs of baby through interaction, learning, and playing together.

Healthy Families – A program designed for parents and caregivers to promote healthy and active living. A main component of the program is healthy eating.  Topics like stress, self esteem and building strong relationships are also covered.

How to Talk so Kids will Listen – The goal of this program is to give parents a practical , effective methods of communication that will make your relationship with children of all ages less stressful and more rewarding

Kids Have Stress, Too!  – A program designed to help parents understand stress and to help them teach their children ways to manage stress.

Mealtime Madness – A program that offers practical information and strategies to get parents through stress free mealtimes.

Stress Busters – A program about stress for parents and caregivers.  Individuals can identify, understand and talk about what causes stress and learn how to handle stress in their everyday lives.  

Talking to Learn, Learning to Talk – A mini-parenting workshop designed to encourage language development in preschool children with concentration on how children acquire language. 

You Make the Difference – An education program for parents and children ages birth to five. The focus is on helping parents learn how to foster and enrich their child’s social, language, and literacy development during every day life experiences.

Parent 'n' Tot Drop-in

A family centered program which provides a safe and welcoming environment for adults and children to come together and play and learn. Parents/caregivers/grandparents can come sit and talk with other adults while their children play and socialize with other children. A great opportunity to meet other families with young children in your area.

Parent & Child Interactive Programs

Jump Jiggle and Jive - An interactive program that involves children and adults in music and movement activities, circle and story time, and includes a craft component.

Just Me and My Dad – A Saturday morning drop-in program for Dads and their children from ages 0-6 years.

Music & Movement - A program for families with children 0-6 years where physical activity is combined with music though finger plays, rhymes and songs.  Dramatic play is encouraged as children act out events in a song and sing along with parents and caregivers.

Read With Me – A program for children and families that explores early learning through story, craft and creative play. It is based on a book with a related craft.  There is also a take home package.

Tumble Bugs - A program that focuses on ways to enhance listening and social skills, gross motor skills and coordination.  It includes fun stretches, body positioning strategies and basic locomotive movements ideal for young children.

School Readiness


An opportunity for children to experience learning in a small group setting. The program is designed for children who will be entering the school system in the upcoming year.

Just Me and My Friends (Guysborough County) - A readiness to learn program that focuses on social and academic skills in order to help children have success in grade primary.  Children come together with age-mates in a social environment.

Ready Set Go! (Pictou County) - A readiness to learn program that focuses on social and academic skills in order to help children have success in grade primary.  Children come together with age-mates in a social environment.

School Readiness (Antigonish County) - A readiness to learn program that focuses on social and academic skills in order to help children have success in grade primary.  Children come together with age-mates in a social environment.

Other Programs

Babies Best Start – A program for new parents and their babies up to six months of age. Families can have baby weighed and talk with public health nurses about infant development. Offered in partnership with Public Health Services.

Food Mentoring – Food mentors are involved with many Kids First programs and community groups.  The focus is on back to basics cooking, which includes cooking for your family, safe food handling, cooking on a budget and following the Canada Food Guide.  

Fun With Food – This program is for 3-5 year olds.  Children learn about healthy eating and basic food handling.

Heart Smart Basics – Helps people learn how to make HeartSmart food choices.  Using this information can help people lower their risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke.

Learning Language and Loving it – A research based program based on developmental approach to promoting children’s social, language and literacy development within everyday conversations and activities.  Designed for people working in preschool settings (8 sessions + taping).

Rainbows & Sunbeams – guiding children through life’s storms.  The programs are designed to assist children and families who are grieving a death, divorce or any other transition in their family.  Sunbeams program is for preschoolers, and Rainbows is for young elementary children.

Roots of Empathy – A school based program that helps to raise social and emotional competency and increase empathy in children. 

Teacher Talk -- introduces teachers to information and strategies that will help them creat a rich and inclusive language learning environment in the preschool setting. (15 to 18 hrs)