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July 10 051

Antigonish County Kids First Family Resource Centre delivers free programs and services to families with children ages 0-6 in Antigonish County. We also offer prenatal supports to pregnant women within the community. With a wide range of parenting, parent-child and child focused program we are certain you can find something that meets your needs. 

Some of the programs and supports you can expect to find:

  1. Prenatal supports
  2. Breastfeeding supports
  3. Book lending library
  4. Parenting programs
  5. Parent and Tot Drop-in
  6. Referral to other agencies and supports
  7. Child focused programs
  8. Readiness to Learn Programs
  9. Outreach programs in community

Please stop by our location at 27 St. Andrews Street in the Town of Antigonish or call us at 863-3848 and see what we can offer you and your family.