Kids First Association - Parenting Programs

Kids First offers a wide variety of adult focused programs that provide opportunity for parents to come together and learn from each other. Some of our parenting programs include:

Basic Shelf Cooking Program - Focuses on making nutritional meals on a limited budget, as well as learning nutritional information.

Comfort Teach & Play – A program to encourage a positive approach to parenting by responding to the developmental needs of baby through interaction, learning, and playing together.

Healthy Families – A program designed for parents and caregivers to promote healthy and active living. A main component of the program is healthy eating.  Topics like stress, self esteem and building strong relationships are also covered.

How to Talk So Kids will Listen – The goal of this program is to give parents a practical , effective methods of communication that will make your relationship with children of all ages less stressful and more rewarding

Kids Have Stress, Too!  – A program designed to help parents understand stress and to help them teach their children ways to manage stress.

Mealtime Madness – A program that offers practical information and strategies to get parents through stress free mealtimes.

Stress Busters – A program about stress for parents and caregivers.  Individuals can identify, understand and talk about what causes stress and learn how to handle stress in their everyday lives.  

Talking to Learn, Learning to Talk – A mini-parenting workshop designed to encourage language development in preschool children with concentration on how children acquire language. 

You Make the Difference – An education program for parents and children ages birth to five. The focus is on helping parents learn how to foster and enrich their child’s social, language, and literacy development during every day life experiences.